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Through his new book A Critical Introduction to the Ethics of Abortion: Understanding the Moral Arguments

Philosopher, professor, and the author of A Critical Introduction of the Ethics of Abortion:Understanding the Moral Arguments

Meet the Author, Dr. Bernie Cantens

Dr. Bernie Cantens is a Professor of Philosophy and the Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Moravian College. He was a past Visiting Fellow at Harvard University, and he is the recipient of numerous NEH Grants in support of his research. One area of Dr. Cantens' investigations and research has been bioethics and medical ethical issues, and he has recently published A Critical Introduction to the Ethics of Abortion: Understanding the Moral Arguments with Bloomsbury Publishers. The book provides a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the most influential and contemporary moral arguments on the ethics of abortion.

Here are what reviewers have been saying about the book:


"A timely, balanced, and comprehensive examination of the abortion controversy."


"This book is a refreshing teaching resource, bringing rigour and nuance to an often stale and gratuitously-polarised debate."


" [Cantens] equips them [the readers] in the basics of logic and normative ethics, empowering them to be active, critical participants in adjudicating the major arguments with an eye to their social context.

Dr. Cantens is currently working on his second book entitled Abortion: Arguments from Potentiality.  Dr. Cantens wants to start a new conversation on the ethics of abortion. Let's get engaged in the dialogue! Contact him today and schedule a speaking engagement.

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